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Represent Honour to The Departed Soul

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Life is the most beautiful gift of Almighty and full of mystery, adventure, affection and unpredictability. It is very short but the most desirable. Perhaps the truth is no one can stay here forever and we all have some moments in our life when we lost someone so important. No matter how much we love them, they never come back .Some people believe that they become the star of the sky after they die, some believe they become angels. Their soul can see, feel us even after their death. It’s still a mystery what happens exactly after death. There are so many interesting concepts and myths which exist in different cultures & religion regarding life, death & resurrection.

Sometimes we can’t understand the value of a person in our life until we lose them. Life is such a strange existence that the more we try to reveal it, the more it becomes complicated. A person is not always just is a person, he is the heart of family. Sometimes he is the all means of happiness for someone .He is the superhero in someone’s life who fights against all odds for their loved ones. When he passes away, the trauma for his family cannot be imagined, the heartbreak of those persons cannot be measured and nothing in this world can be a replacement of the deceased person.

But words are so powerful that it has the ability to heal broken soul, lighten the pain and make them feel better in their rainy days. Word has such power to change the outlook of a person and thus can solve many mental & emotional conflicts. And so some words of consolation can be an excellent way to
comfort a bereaved person, at least to some extent, as well as can help them to heal fast.
Flower has always been a great source of pleasure .It has the ability to elevate the mood even in the worst moments of life like losing the loved ones in our life. Some flowers such as poppies (white), lilies, rose (dark crimson) represent consolation in time of death. That’s why condolences wreath flower has long been used to serve this purpose in different countries as a mean of consolation .When a circular arrangement of flowers are offered to show honor to the departed soul are known as condolence wreath flower which is very popular among different cultures.

Sometimes we are so broken, especially when we want to express our consolation but words are not enough to do it but

we really want to make them feel that we are with them in their difficult time, condolences wreath flower could be the best option in this scenario. As we know words are so powerful but sometimes we are not good enough to express it, as attaching notes with condolences wreath flower will make it
more meaningful Keeping your emotions in mind Belconi flower shop provides condolence and sympathy flower wreath named

  1. Eternity
  2. Our thoughts are with you
  3. Classic salute
  4. Peaceful paradise
  5. Dearly missed and ,many more

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