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Love is divine which starts straight from the heart and make people feel heavenly by its magic touch. Love is the most majestic emotion ever, holding the capacity to change people’s life. It is the secret spell of all happiness and where there is no love there is no meaning of life. Love is just like coincidence what comes without any notice and when it comes all of a sudden, life starts changing.

Sometimes, we are restless to make our beloved feel the way we want to be felt. There
are many instances when we want to convey our indescribable feelings without having any idea how to do it. Therefore, offering flowers to others has long been used to express admiration, love, and deep caring towards them. This flower giving tradition is not of a age, but for all time.

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and its splendid beauty attracts almost anyone irrespective of age and sex. It is available in distinct colors and shapes bearing various symbolic meanings. For instance, red roses are the traditional symbol of love and romance. Pink rose stands for admiration and happiness. Yellow rose symbolizes friendship. White roses represent innocence and purity. That’s why roses of contrasting colors are popular among many cultures and having been
used in particular occasions to define different sorts of feelings.

It is so vital in our life that a day has been declared as Rose day and being celebrated every year on 7th February. This day is quite popular among youngsters, especially lovers and in this day they offer their dear ones bunch of beautiful roses. Some people choose this day to propose their loved ones. For the people who are already in love, it is a mean of honing their relationship. All in all, a Rose day is a day
when people give roses each other to celebrate love and rejuvenate the relationship.

Sometimes we love our better halves, parents, siblings, friends, and relatives and deep inside
our heart we know that they also love us .We take them for granted and think that love is effortless and so the relationship will always be

the same. This is the biggest mistake that we do in our life. Love is not effortless and needs to
be expressed to strengthen the relationship because the more we share love the more it flourishes. So Rose day can be considered as fantastic mean to spread love and can be a representation to verbalize inner feelings .Apart from this a Rose day could be a special day to frame your great effort to live happily ever after in the form of alluring memories.

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