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Showing all 16 results

Mother’s day in Malaysia

Mother carries her child in her womb for ten months and ten days and in her heart for the rest of her life. Mother sacrifices her beauty, happiness and stands for pain, grief and sorrow to keep her child happy, safe and secure. Undoubtedly mother is the most beautiful and sweet thing that we have. Mother’s presents affects our entire life and no one can replace her by anything. Mother’s day will be celebrated on the second Sunday on May in Malaysia. Mother’s day is honoring motherhood which is in various forms across the world. Mother’s day is similar celebration like father’s day, sibling’s day and grandparent’s day. The first mother day was celebrated in 1908. The celebration is for showing honor and love to mother. Nowadays it is one kind of festival.

Mother’s day activity

On mother’s day you can spend whole day with your mother to make her happy. You can do many activities with her to make memorable this day such as…

  1. You can make breakfast for her.
  2. You can give flowers to see her smile.
  3. You can plan a short trip with her.
  4. You can plan to see her favorite show.

We suggest you not to miss to give her favorite flowers bouquet with some nice quotes like” I am so blessed for having you ma. I respect you and love you.”   “Your love has never shorten for me and you are my only support.” You can write so many quotes like these to make your mother happy. You must know this is the greatest chance in a year to express your love to your mother. So, don’t miss it.

Mother’s day gift

If you are in a distance from your mother and you still want to surprise your mother. Don’t get upset, you can send him wish and your love to her in online. We provide you the best flower which you can give to your mother. You just need to do a very little thing. Just come to our website choose your mother’s favorite flower and we will give home delivery service you just need to give your address. See! How simple it is! In the age of technology to make someone happy is very easy just you need to have mind. And one more thing to tell you. We provide flowers in a very cheap rate that may be you can’t find anywhere else.

Mother’s day flowers

Now probably you are in confusion to choose flowers for your mother. We have solution for you. To celebrate Mother’s day the tradition is to give Red and White flowers. Apart from this you should know carnation is the symbol flower of mother’s day. Carnations signify faith, love, purity and beauty. Pink carnation is the most significant flower for mother’s day which is the symbol of mother’s love, White carnation represents pure love, sweet and faithfulness.

If you don’t like carnation you can give her a bouquet of roses, daffodils, narcissus, and tulip to your mother. Mother’s day is celebrated during spring and spring is the season of flowers. So, you can have many option.