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Showing 1–32 of 35 results

Order Valentine day flower | Best Gift for Valentine

Belconi Florist always cares about your Valentine and that is why Belconi team always bring some attractive and unique flower bouquets for this special day. To make your Valentine happy, nothing is comparable to flower gift, and we know flower is the symbol of love, affection, and care. Though we are always dedicated to providing the best flower bouquets, we always keep our price at a affordable level. For example, This year our valentines day special flower and chocolate bouquets price start from RM 78.00, which is a very reasonable price.

History of Valentines day

There is no fully authentic resource found about the history or the purpose of valentine day. But many say that in the 3rd century, There was a saint of the Christian religion who used to preach Christian religion in Rome. At that time the emperor of Rome was a Pagan, so he didn’t like  Christian monk to preach their religion. But it is not the reason for what valentine’s story famous for. At that time, the soldier of Rome was not allowed to marry as their emperor believed that making a family could make them weak. But Saint Valentine believed that to make a better world soldier should make a family that is how they can fell others pain and have the chance to love one and get loved. As believed so, Saint Valentine secretly help soldiers for getting married. When the king of Rome came to know the matter he orders his soldiers to catch the saint and threw him in jail. Interestingly, after caught by the king soldier, the saint started helping others in the jail and became everyone’s favorite. It is told that in the jail he fell in love with the blind daughter of the jailer. Before execution of the saint, he wrote a letter to the girl he loved and the letter was signed “Your Valentine” as the farewell.

It is said that to respect this fact, people all over the world celebrated the day which was 14th February. People from different countries celebrated this with different occusion according to their tradition. Now the day is regarded as the day to show respect to the love of one’s relationship. This relation need not be bound between men and women, it can be the love between mother and son, father and daughter, brother and sister or any kind of relationship between two parties. To show respect, love, and care in a relationship generally, couples send gifts to each other and spend some quality time together. Mostly those gifts are more or less related to flower or chocolate.

Belconi Florist’s flower and chocolate collection for valentine’s day

A large number of special flower and chocolate collection is available for this special day. Our flower bouquets are not only unique and special but also those are cheap in price. As most of the customers search for beautiful roses for valentine day as a present, we have arranged a lot of rose bouquet. Beside beautiful rose bouquets, we have offered a lot of other flower bouquets with lily, sunflower and many more. one can order chocolate or flower bouquet from our website at any time as we are an online flower shop.

Valentines Day or Valentines Week

With time, many other special days appear surrounding the valentines day which is kiss day, hug day, present day, rose day and many more. Those days are also celebrated with great joy. Like Valentine day each day have their own story but all of them are celebrated to express the love and respect to one’s dear and loved one. Those days are listed below with dates.

7th Feb– Rose Day

8th Feb– Propose Day

9th Feb– Chocolate Day

10th Feb– Teddy Day

11th Feb– Promise Day

12th Feb– Kiss Day

13th Feb– Hug Day

Pre-order flower For Valentines day

In the valentines day, you may be busy with other matters and forget to buy gifts for your dear one. For this reason and as we care about our customer’s time, we take pre-order for valentines day. So pre-order your favorite flower basket or flower box now and we are here to send your gift to your loved and dare one.